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Guide to a Wedding at The Jackson Estate


You and the love of your life are setting the sails and embarking on a new life together and here at the Jackson Estate, we couldn’t be more thrilled! We are here to help you create a day that you and your family and friends will never forget! We are here to make it completely stress free!

You have choose the right place to get married because you have extinguished all the stress that comes with planning a wedding! You get an all inclusive venue with a wedding planner provided! You also get all of this for an amazing price! There are lots of wedding guides out there, which are wonderful. Use them for ideas! However, lots of them may not apply to you because we have already done all the hard stuff! This page is to keep you up to date and aid you in any outside planning and inside organization that you may need. Dive in. Follow my tips. Let’s get started!


My Bridal Dashboard

Wedding 101: “The earlier the better” is my motto for planning. But you must be realistic about your finances, goals and time. Please check out the following pages for some tips and guides:


Wedding Favor Ideas:

Sweeten up your reception

Do you have ton’s of personalized wedding favor gifts stashed in your closets collecting dust? Or did you simply forget it at the reception? Don’t let that happen at your wedding! Try an edible gift, a gift that will be used by your guests before the reception is even over!
It’s all in the presentation! Place Chocolates, Cookies or Candies in baskets or a cellophane bag tied with a cute ribbon and personalized label.


Yumminess in the bag
Yes! The cookies look enticing, but the personalized bags are just beautiful! I love the cookies displayed in glass jars.


Show your crafty side
Who would pass up a table full of delicious cookies?  This buffet is also a fabulous decorative statement.  It’s not only an awesome way to serve cookies, it’s a lovely excuse to show off your creativity!


Emergency Wedding Day Kit

Everyone hopes that their wedding day will be completely flawless. Hope for the best, prepare for the little stuff Image result for omg emoji Remember to pack the following things for the just in case moments! I like to call it my “OH MY GOSH BAG!” You may not need all of these, but there are some helpful items to consider.

Needle and thread in white, black and the color of brides maid gowns Extra pairs of pantyhose
Pain reliever pills Antacid
Quick-clean detergent stick Bandages
Powder Deodorant
Double-sided tape Sanitary Pads
Mints/Gum Makeup for touch-ups
Extra Cash Slippers or change or shoes
Umbrellas Hair sprays
Hair Pins Static Cling Spray
Hair Dryer Contact lens solution/eye drops
Nail file Nail Clipper
Straw( To sip drinks without ruining lipstick/ dress) Safety Pins
Lint Roller Earring backs

Wedding Links

Listed are some of my favorite wedding links: